Frequently asked Questions:


What training or preparation do I need?
No previous rafting experience is needed as a full and comprehensive safety briefing is provided on the river bank prior to heading off. Typically, smaller rapids are run to gain confidence and the a few basic skills before attempting larger rapids. Participants should be of moderate fitness levels, and must be able to swim in order to avoid panic situations should they end up in the water.

What is your alcohol policy?
Rafting and booze (or any intoxicants) don’t mix! White Water Rafting is an extreme outdoor activity. Strictly no alcohol to be consumed 10hrs before or during the rafting activity by any participants. We reserve the right to breathalyse anyone suspected of being under the influence, and anybody under the influence will be withdrawn from the activity with no refund. We are sure that you’ll have time to sip on a cold one after the rafting, and you’re welcome to bring a cooler box with your own drink of choice for the drive back to base after we get off the river.

What do I wear?
Comfortable, swim clothing (boardshorts/swimming costume) should be worn with normal running shoes. Sunscreen is recommended as the trip will last a few hours and one will need to re-apply being in the water.

What safety gear is provided?
A rafting helmet and high floatation buoyancy aid are provided for each person rafting on the river. Furthermore, each person will be provided with a paddle to paddle the raft. The larger 7 person rafts are guided by your friendly raft-master. The smaller 2 seater ‘crocs’ rely on some previous paddling experience, and safety is provided by the safety kayakers.

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